Are Inner City Kids of Any Worth To America?

It is official, the state of Pennsylvania said indirectly that they are indifferent to the precarious life’s that many Philadelphia adolescents students live. The Corbett administration reinforce this notion by cementing the proposed legislation to close 23 schools across the city of Philadelphia. The goal according to Republican assembly and Governor is to reduce a 1.35 billion dollar deficit over 5 years. The commission chairman, John Ramos deemed this as a necessary action required to bring “financial stability.” This justification would remotely be reasonable if the commonwealth of Pennsylvania did not have other costly plans. The state is planning to build a 400 million dollar prison, despite the fact that many council members, and residents have been lobbying to appropriate that money to the Philadelphia school district, this way the school district could meet the 300 million dollar short fall. I ultimately believe this a poor bureaucratic decision, but to be fair let us look at the logical reason for constructing a 400 million dollar state of the art prison. According to the DOC and the state, Gratersford prison(one of PA’s older prisons) is overcrowding and more space is needed to accommodate the images from Philadelphia county jail- the new construct will be abler To populate 2,705 more people. This may very well be a pertinent reason for government attention, but consider this, our goal as citizens are to keep people out of the penal system so they can lead productive lives. Ignoring the states needs and funding this prison in the making, indicates where the state interest are. Meanwhile, there are many students in my city who will have to deal with the ramifications of these school closings. There are students in Philly who will have to travel to rival neighborhoods and schools because of these closings. Where drug factions run rampant and crime is high. I think the state’s acquiescence of failing schools is alarming and daunting to consider. Gov. Tom Corbett and the general assembly reinforces the pipeline theory by destroying these schools. Thousands of teachers, aides and counselor a were terminated as result or this new fiscal plan. Some that I know personally, dedicated employees who were the backbone of these already struggling schools. On it’s face this is discriminatory because it has serious consequences for poor and minority students. Should these student be confined to ignorance and poor neighborhoods such as North Philadelphia. These student chances of college admittance are predicated o the quality of their secondary education. If by chance all 23 school close, the dropout rate will rise, students may result informal economies and violent crimes will increase exponentially: possibly sending these very children to this prison in the future.


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