Destruction of The Black Family: Government Policy, Economic Transition & Feminism:

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We all know of the feminist movement, government intervention and its implications in modern society. We often herald the success of this social political movement (which it deserves). We think of the front runners, the leaders of this social, political, economic cause. After all, repression of voting rights was an abominable action- what person with a moral compass can say that disproportionate voting rights were fair. The historical significance and contributions of the feminist movement are respectable, and has left an indelible mark on the complex pattern of the American tapestry. But we forget ultimately that there was a certain demographic of people who endured the cost of this change.

The destruction of the black family is the vicious byproduct of a movement that seem to have benevolent intentions. Eleanor Roosevelt, a revered feminist had a great deal of influence in passing laws and policies that contributed to the destruction…

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