The NAACP Bombing: Racial Resentment & Media Bias


The domestic terrorist attack Tuesday against NAACP is analogous to the bombing of the historical 16th street Baptist church, the racial violence left an indelible mark on the contours of American history for the worst. Four girls were killed and a vibrant institution was destroyed. Some may question the vibrancy of the NAACP as an effective advocacy group for blacks, but the terrorist attack against its main headquarters symbolize the sojurn of blacks in this country.

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation to reveal if there were any foul play in Tuesday’s explosion. A make shift explosive was detonated Tuesday morning against an exterior wall of a building that accommodates the NAACP Colorado Springs chapter as well as Mr. G’s Hair Design Studios, a neighbor barbershop. There were no deaths or maimings from the explosion and only minimal damage was done to the wall where the explosion occurred, but chapter president Henry Allen Jr. said the blast was strong enough to knock objects off the wall.

The FBI could not definitively say that motives of racial hatred might have fueled the attack, but the bombing has been perceived as an act of domestic terrorism by Sondra Young, the President of the Denver chapter of the NAACP.

Prudence is necessary and one ought to use in analyzing a tragic matter like this, but when taking into account the historical context of race in America, we should not quickly dismiss the possibility that the Colorado Springs Headquarters may have been intentionally targeted because of racial animosity towards the black race within the United States.

This is certainly not outside the realm of possibility, the 16th street bombing was beacon of turmoil and racial hatred in the United States. Due to luck and grace, there were no casualties but it’s ramifications, and significance cannot be relegated to happen stance or Murphy’s law

Consider the fact the bombings were used historically to express vehement disagreement towards a different group. No other anecdote can sufficiently explain this than the case of Timothy Mcveigh who intentionally bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in order to express his opposition to the U.S government. This act of violence inflicted the most deaths in the history of American terrorism.

I contend that the bombing is a possible result of recent racial tensions in the United States. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner (two black men killed in violence) were preeminent factors that caused discussions and arguments about race and inequality recently. The NAACP has always been vocal and institution of resource for black Americans who may be the victim of structural or outright physical racism. There are a remnant of folks who have discussed their disgust for blacks and the NAACP by extension so we should realistically assess the possibility that this lobbyist group may have been targeted maliciously.

In addition to perceived act of terrorism, another prevailing issue that lies within the lack of coverage of the Tuesday’s incident. Say what you will about the NAACP, it’s arguably the most prominent and powerful black organization to have ever existed in the United States. The fact well-respect, syndicated columnist and outlets have ignored this incident is unfortunate.

The international story of the 3 assailants who attacked a French newspaper Wednesday seem to have receive bulk of the attention, rather than the largest civil rights group in the United States. All tragedies should be treated equally and given its proper respect, but the issue lies when you’re are ignoring allegedly domestic terrorism in light of the U.S racial turbulence

For the American media to ignore this grave misstep of democracy and faulty journalism only shows the marginal racial progression that this country has gained in the grand scheme of thing. Unreported incidents like such as this one fuels the Black Lives Matters movement which aims at proving that black and whites lives are valued disproportionately. This bombing and the subsequent silence by mainstream cable networks politicians and the like reveals that blacks ideology is not respected with the United States. In order for African Americans to feel accepted within the dominate culture we must begin to express and legitmately recognize our plight

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